It should happen to you

It Should Happen to You, 1954. Not long ago, people lived in small, tight communities, where anybody had a name and was recognized according to his skills. Not the case anymore. In the big city where tens of thousands of people have the same job as you, and do it just as well, figure out how you can make your name stand out. 

I remembered this movie and watched a few key scenes yesterday to refresh my memory. At a first glance it looks quite naive, a silly dreaming girl and her foolish dreams, having uncertain ideals and, most of all, believing in herself regardless of what others think. Well, it is all that, but it’s also a good portrayal of the individual in a large scale society.

Gladys puts her name on the biggest billboard in town. Nice shapes lacking the actual content. That’s celebrity. That’s advertising. That should happen to the best of us. This is a good movie.