How time flies! Three years ago this time I was in Brussels with a bunch of young journalists from all over Europe doing some workshops at the European Parliament. I got to write a few articles for Europolitan, this women’s mag that we put up in just three days and even appeared on its cover… grrr!

I'm on the cover of Europolitan...
I’m on the cover of Europolitan…

It was my first time abroad by myself and I wasn’t feeling well in my shoes. The first night I even cried on the phone talking to Monsieur, telling him that I wanted to come back home. Little did I know back then that I was going to return and spend a full year in Belgium. Now it’s like my second home and I think about returning there sometime. So, today I sketched some typical dutch houses. They are adorable little pieces of jewellery, have a look at the bricks and Art Nouveau mix when you’re in Brussels next time!

sketch of houses in the Grand Place
Sketch of houses in the Grand Place

Just a side note in the end. For me, October seems to be that time when you feel like changing something, like your hair style. Three years ago I wore bangs and now I got them again. They still look bad me..

October time is fringe time
October time is fringe time