Daily bites in the life of a European young woman

Her hair looks creepy when she wakes up (usually between 9 and 11 a.m) because she has just had it cut really cheap at a state hairdresser’s. She then goes to the bathroom where she spends 15 minutes brushing her teeth. Finally, she enters the kitchen and feeds me. Occasionally she gives me a back rub and then lets me out on the balcony where I can hunt birds. Meanwhile, she turns on the TV on Realitatea TV to watch the news, or on HBO or Animal Planet (we have the same favorite TV show, The Planet’s Funniest Animals).

Afterwards she puts on one of her vintage (that’s a cool word she frequently uses) dresses (she buys most of her clothes on eBay) and leaves for her French lessons at The French Institute in Bucharest on her red bike (yes, we cats aren’t color blind).

After the classes, she goes out for lunch at Caru cu Bere where she usually has a student menu for 1,50 euro. She says this is the nicest place in town to go for some beer (not that I care, I only drink milk). When she’s not ordering pizza at home, she goes to Cuptorul cu Lemne for the best pizza in town.

After that, either she hangs out in Carturesti Library where she buys books and magazines, or does window shopping at Unirea Shopping Centre, and always complains about the astronomic prices of clothes there. She prefers the small boutiques located in the old center of Bucharest.

In the evening she has classes at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies at the University of Bucharest. One day she’ll be a great journalist and will win the Pulitzer Prize. After school she goes to the theatre (she recently discovered Metropolis Theatre) or to the cinema (Elvira Popescu).

When she gets back home, she reads news on the Internet and blogs about her day until midnight.

And I’m Pisi, her Birman cat. Simona is busy writing the article on page 10.