.. îmi arată că mama a trecut prin camera mea:

♥ calendarul din lemn străjuit de un soare indian arată în fiecare zi data corectă. și nu sunt eu cea care o schimbă
♥ cana cu pensule și apă murdară dispare de pe birou la sfârșitul unei zile de lucru

Semiotică. Iubire.

Girl with hot cup of tea

I’ve been drinking black tea and listening to Renan Luce songs all day. One of my neighbours came by to census register my household in the afternoon. I didn’t know she was living across the street, but somehow she knew my name and who I was. That was odd, but cute nonetheless.

For the rest of the day I’ve only been drawing kids in pyjamas. I love pyjamas!! And here’s another work in progress from my winter illustrations collection.

Russian hat lady sketching

I’ve been drawing a lot of winter-related stuff lately, due to the cold weather. Here’s one work in progress that gives me a warm, wintery feeling. I can’t really remember my last Christmas, but this year I’m going to visit grandma and we’ll knit gloves and socks all day long. Can’t wait for the holidays and it’s only October.


How time flies! Three years ago this time I was in Brussels with a bunch of young journalists from all over Europe doing some workshops at the European Parliament. I got to write a few articles for Europolitan, this women’s mag that we put up in just three days and even appeared on its cover… grrr!

I'm on the cover of Europolitan...
I’m on the cover of Europolitan…

It was my first time abroad by myself and I wasn’t feeling well in my shoes. The first night I even cried on the phone talking to Monsieur, telling him that I wanted to come back home. Little did I know back then that I was going to return and spend a full year in Belgium. Now it’s like my second home and I think about returning there sometime. So, today I sketched some typical dutch houses. They are adorable little pieces of jewellery, have a look at the bricks and Art Nouveau mix when you’re in Brussels next time!

sketch of houses in the Grand Place
Sketch of houses in the Grand Place

Just a side note in the end. For me, October seems to be that time when you feel like changing something, like your hair style. Three years ago I wore bangs and now I got them again. They still look bad me..

October time is fringe time
October time is fringe time

Eskimo kiss sketching

For me, the best thing about winter is eskimo kissing. You can do it all year round, but when it’s so cold and you feel the warm breath of your boyfriend all the problems in the world disappear into a tender moment.

So, this is me and Monsieur spreading love. As you can see I have finally cut my hair… and I hate it :))

The neighbour’s cat

Hi there, I’m Fatty! I’m a curious cat. I eat news and gossip for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. It’s my apetite for information that’s got me this fat. So, just out of curiosity… got any food?


Aseară s-a luat curentul vreo 45 de minute, timp în care n-am găsit nici o lumânare, s-a consumat bateria telefonului, apoi a camerei video, apoi m-am băgat în pat și am început să mă gândesc la cutremure. Apoi s-a auzit un țiuit și-a apărut o lumină verde pe perete și-am știut că s-a aprins routerul. I-am trimis mail lui Monsieur că mi-e teamă de o catastrofă și că am scris o listă de ce-mi place de el și de ce nu. Iar dimineață la 5 a fost cutremur. De acum o să apar la știri și va trebui să vă abonați la feedul meu rss, că instinctele nu mă înșală.


Un weekend la Fundulea din pricina și cu pricina cu p mare. Fuse cu garduri vopsite, leoparzi sau alte feline pe la casa omului, grădina cu zarzavat, flori, țuici, găluști cu prune, obiecte ascuțite și mușchi la purtător. Dinicu Golescu și însemnările lui din călătorii și o familie mare. Vecinul cu cactuși n-a intrat în poze, dar a fost acolo și a dat sfaturi despre spălatul pe dinți, cu ocazia terminării facultății cu pricina. Să ne fie de bine!