For those who wanted blog update

Crowded season, no time for play. There are a few things that struck me the previous week though. And here they are, one by one:

Some teachers can’t answer “Why” questions anymore.

Some teachers strangle students with cables.

Last week I had the impulse to rise up to my feet when a male teacher walked into the class. I wonder why…

When I go to the library I am a number; sometimes even more than one. I am the number of the desk I am sitting at, the number of my card, the number of the key to the lock room. Do you want to know what my favorite number is?

Girls at the Faculty of Psychology turn around whenever they hear a baby cry. Then they turn back and say “How sweet”. (I don’t mean to generalize, but they were so many and they turned around at the same time)

Girls at Psychology ask one another: “Do you have a boyfriend?” and “How are you getting along?” and then say “How sweet”. (Again, just an instance)

From a poster at Psychology Faculty: A refugee doesn’t bring just a pack full of stuff with him when coming to his new country.

I went to a press conference last week. Almost felt asleep. But it was a good exercise to see that a cameraman paid more attention to the conference than did the reporter. He was actually begging the girl to ask a question in the end. Well, she ate during the entire event.

There. See? I do nothing but school and library. Then why don’t I feel like a student?